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Time Spent

Worn at

private photo session
october 2009

Il costume is ...

... In Usagi's wardrobe !

Chocolat Kato from Sugar Sugar Rune

in italiano

Why Chocolat?

After the 2008 Cosplay Evolution of Mantova Comics & Games, I found myself chatting under the stage in the company of Usagi and her friends.

Speaking of this and that we are obviously ended confiding each other our plans for the future cosplay.

At that time I was following the animated series "Sugar Sugar" and I wanted to make at all costs at least one of the beautiful costumes of the main characters.

Usagi immediately proposed herself to interpret Chocolat with me, as he had planned to realize the witch dress.

My "counter proposal" was to create a school uniform, which I find particularly beautiful and extremely original.

It took a while but finally we managed to complete both our little wishes! ^^

The Costume

After asking Usagi to be "my" Chocolat, I committed to make both costumes.

It would have been really hard for us who live in different cities to find the same fabric to make two identical uniforms, and then to make one or two does not make much difference! ^^

Once you find the viscose suitable to realize the sweater, I started the costumes.


Usagi thought about all her accessories, including magic wand and Duke the frog-familiar.


The photos you see on this page were taken at the Royal Park of Monza, on a beautiful November afternoon.

The yellow leaves of autumn created a stunning setting for the orange uniforms and the big house behind us could, with a little imagination, be the great home of Rockin 'Robin, right? ;)

People who were walking the dog or jogging looked at us a little puzzled, and someone has even stopped to take pictures.

It was really funny, but above all was a great opportunity to spend a pleasant day with a new friend !



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