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Time Spent

Worn at

Romics 2009

The costume is ...

... in Doll Marty's wardrobe!

Sakura from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

in italiano

Why Sakura ?

This cosplay was commissioned by Doll Marty.
I don't follow Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE series, but surfing the net I often came across cosplayers who have interpreted the various characters.

Sakura's gown that Marty commissioned me is one of those who I prefer, pure and romantic, it perfectly reflects the sweet character of the princess.

The Costume

Sakura's dress is very effective but not too complex to make.

sakura11 The tissue was sent to me directly from the client and unfortunately I have to say that it wasn't perfect, it was very similar to cheap satin with all the problems of the case: not much "substance" and so much, so much delicate.

Every time I took it in hand I first had to polish my nails to avoid pulling the strings! >___<;

sakura12 I made this cosplay in three parts: blouse, skirt and cape.

The bodice is fully low-cut, sleeveless top and the bottom of the front.

sakura13 The skirt is a half wheel, inflated by a tulle underskirt.

sakura14 The strip of the mantle is made of a shimmering burgundy fabric, edged with a golden satin ribbon.

Sewn to the strip is the cloak, open at the front to the side.

The Props

I didn't personally create the accessories for this cosplay, I just bought and sewed the long series of buttons on the bodice.


DollMarty with this cosplay attended to Romics Fair.
Unfortunately I have not had occasion to go to Rome so I could not see her live wearing the cosplay that I sewed. ____

Fortunately, Marty has been immortalized in dozens of shots that show her in all her beauty!

Thanks to Massimiliano Pellegrini Pellegrini and Walter for giving me permission to publish their photos



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