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Time Spent

Worn at

Romics 2009

The costume is ...

... inside Setsuna's wardrobe!

Shaoran from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

in italiano

Why Shaoran ?

This cosplay was commissioned by Setsuna to be able to pair with the beautiful Sakura by Doll Marty.

It was a long time since I dealt with a man cosplay, especially without meeting the commissioner, without the possibility to take personal measurements and I must say that the thing scareb me a little, but in the end everything went according to plan!!

The Costume

This cosplay is much more complex than it might appear at first.
It was made in black cotton, lined inside and with details in red PVC.

when Setsuna proposed the use of PVC, I admit of having a little crooked nose!
shaoran09 I know how much trouble this type of fabric can give and would rather not use it, but after seeing the end result I was glad to have followed the wish of Setsuna, despite the difficulties This dress is made of several parts: jacket, trousers, coat, hood and spats

shaoran10 The jacket is buttoned up the sides, closed by a series of hooks to backpack, properly painted gold.
With korean collar and sleeves, is lined the entire length of PVC, the details of buttons are all made with PVC.

The strange gloves were made of shantung, decorated with gold buttons and sections of PVC held with the same hooks used on the jacket, the sleeves were then fixed with the push buttons.

shaoran11 The pants are characterized by asymmetric spats, made in Shantung too and decorated with golden buttons and with PVC bands.

The coat is long to the feet with a small train, made with the same black cotton and is trimmed along the length of red PVC and lined inside.

shaoran08 For convenience it was set behind the jacket through a series of push buttons.

Finally, the hood, the most characteristic element of the entire costume, characterized by the stylized motif, is made in red pvc too.

shaoran07 To be sure of the proportions I first developed the model in paper and sent a photo of the result to Setsuna.
Once approved, I cut the pieces of PVC and I have placed on the hood attaching them.

To close the hood strip in cotton red, edged with satin ribbon and fastened with gold push buttons.


When I accepted this commission, I didn't realize the incredible detail work that was hidden in this cosplay! ^^;

Incidentally there are very few pictures of Shaoran wearing this particular dress, which didn't help me at all!
Fortunately many other cosplayers have grappled with the same costume, so I could get ideas and inspiration from their work.

I'm really satisfied with the result and despite not having been able to see Setsuna "live" wearing the cosplay, I could still enjoy the many photos found around the web.

Thanks to Massimiliano Pellegrini for giving me permission to publish his photos



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