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Sweet Aquamarine

in italiano


My love for Lolita style is now unstoppable!
Every time I look through my magazines new projects and many ideas are born, so that I can never get them all out!
This dress was born a bit by chance, as I had some black velvet left from Kukurì cosplay in the house.

Actually is not the best fabric for a dress like this (too synthetic!^^;) but since I'm still in an experimental phase, I tried to do it.

The Dress

The dress is a one-piece.
The bodice is shaped with front and rear side covers, the sleeves are puffy.
The skirt is made up of three curled rectangular flounces.
The front of the bodice is embellished with a some crossed apple green ribbons, and various lace of the same color.
The lace is also inserted as decoration in the skirt flounces, in the bottom of the sleeves and in the neckline.
To finish, a really lovely hair dress, built with the same dress fabric and decorated with the satin ribbon and lace too.
Last detail are the stockings, decorated with a round lace at the edge.


Realizing this costume a bit swiftly (in fact I finished a few hours before leaving for Milan to reach Fumettopoli event...) I have not had time to think about the details.
Fortunately, I have Ivan, my personal critic, which convinced me to put blue contact lenses and blue wig, creating a mixture of green and blue really sweet, contrasting with the black gothic apparel.

Dress after dress I become more and more fond of this style, so much that I wish I could take it in my everyday life ! ^^



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Time spent

Worn at

Fumettopoli Milano may 2006

The dress is

... sold!