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Time Spent

Worn at

Full Comics Piacenza
may 2009

The costume is ...

... covered by Bolt's hair!

Penny from Bolt

in italiano

Why Penny?

Once again the idea of this pair comes from the prolific mind of Fabio/Baumiao!
Bau had the Bolt suit already and sought a Penny as a companion.

Having just seen the funny movie at the cinema, when he made the proposal I immediately agreed with him! Also because after the super work because of Mulan armor, a dress more practical and fast was an opportunity not to be missed !!!^___^

Certainly, two cosplay pairs in less than two months ... Fabio and I are just spoiling! ^ ^

We agreed to bring these costumes at Full Comics, held in Piacenza.
Although I already had words with my friends to revive the group of Disney Princesses, we wanted to change in the morning and shoot a little photos.

The Costume

Penny's dress is very simple, so I made in two evenings, retrieving and changing some "common" clothes.

The upper part consists of a black shirt with long sleeves and a red T-shirt.
The black one I've recovered from the cupboard, the red one from one of my boyfriend's T-shirts that I have unmake and sewn my size.
I have hastily sewn the blacks shorts obtained from a remnant; they are very simple, with only a big flap in the mid thigh.
Finally for striped stockings; I already had the black and white parisiennes, but Penny in the movie wearing gray and black pantyhose, so I managed to darken the colors white and strike the right tone.

The Accessories

As an accessory for the character, Baumiao lent me a pair of binoculars.
We also tried to retrieve a bicycle helmet, but we didn't make it ! ^^;;

Instead I took advantage of the Bolt's beautiful necklace with medal to take some nice pictures!


Piacenza's fair has proved to be a good location for photos of this new pair!
The square buildings and large gates of the fairgrounds seemed just the exterior of the Hollywood set of the first part of the film!

The unexpected hot was a little disadvantage, especially the poor Baumiao that stifled because of all the hair that covered his face! ^__^;;

Apart from this minor inconvenience, again Fabio and I were able to bring another nice Disney World pair!

Bolt has been recognized by almost everyone, covered with compliments and even awarded as cutest cosplay!
But .. wasn't him a fierce superhero?? ;)