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Bonnet Lolita

in italiano


This dress is one of my many "tailoring experiments" in Gothic & Lolita. I like to take inspiration from famous brands and try to replicate their clothes and their accessories.

The Dress

The dress is a sleeveless one piece made in cotton with a square motif and drawings of "baby" teddy bears and rocking horses.
The bodice is stretchy with three bows on the front and white voulan on the straps. The skirt consists of three flounces, all decorated by a white voulan.
The cotton shirt has a straight collar and long puff sleeves.
With the same fabric I made the cap, also called the "bonnet".


Being "experimental" this dress is victim of constant changes .
I've worn it several times, changing each time small details here and there.
What you see in the pictures isn't the final version, since I've touched it up again in subsequent months.
But having worn it during a beautiful day with my friends , I prepared a page on the web site for this dress! ^ ^



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Time Spent

Worn at

Comiconvention Milano
September 2007

Il costume is

... available for sale, even if slightly modified ! ;)