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Red China Lolita

in italiano


In my ongoing search for information on Gothic & Lolita, I came across Qi-Lolita, namely the style that mixes traditional Chinese style dress with Lolita style.

I love chinese clothes, two of them have been in my closet for years and I was meditating to wear and to renew them as soon as possible, and this discovery made me create this new dress.

The dress

The dress is original Chinese, one of those dresses that sell in specialty stores and it is very classic, with long sleeves and a tight sheath.

I detached the arms and shortened the skirt, creating the long side slits, while around the neck and sleeve laps I applied the black curly lace.

With advanced fabric I created two "little things" on the head, the two cover-tails a la Chun-Li, also trimmed with black lace.

The flounced skirt in black taffettas is the same one used for the cosplay by Neko Lolita, swollen with tulle underskirt.


To sum my newborn love for the lolita style with the old love for eastern clothes and get such a good result has given me great satisfaction!

I really like this dress and many people have complimented me for originality.

I realize though that the little adult cut of the apparel and accentuated makeup going to affect the purely childlike look of the Lolita style.

Oh well, you can not have everything !!! ^^;



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Time spent

Worn at

Mantova Comics & Games
may 2006

The costume is

... in my wardrobe!