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Time Spent

Worn at

Verona Comics
may 2010

The costume is ...

...become an integral part of my life!

Konata Izumi from Lucky Star

in italiano

Why Konata ?

Lucky Star deserved to enter my favorite anime list!
Each girl is well characterized in its role and each of us can recognize in habits, quirks, and fears in ways of doing that show up episode after episode.

After playing the gentle Miyuki, this time I decided to wear the clothes of reckless Konata.

Konata is the shorty of the group, an otaku manga & anime fan, RPG games and ... cosplay!
How can you not love her? ^___^

The Costume

In Lucky Star anime the girls alternate everyday clothes with the school uniform, on summer and winter.
I chose the winter uniform, it's the classic sailor you see in japanese anime, but I liked the crazy combination of red-white, seen slightly less than the classic blue and white.

Both the blouse and the skirt are made of cotton, the braid is white satin ribbon, the scarf is a piece of satin.

After so many sailor costumes I found it wasn't difficult to create the uniform, I took a bit of freedom with the skirt instead, making it not completely but with a pleated basque.


When in 2008 I played the Miyuki, the anime Lucky Star was almost unknown in Italy, and very few people had recognized my cosplay!

Two years later, things have really changed, I was stopped and greeted by all showing how this character has become renown and especially loved !!



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