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Fumettopoli Milano
maggio 2007

The costume is ...

... stored !!

Eternal Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

in italiano

mercury01 mercury02 mercury03 mercury04
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Why Mercury ?

Shortly after having made this costume for the Fumettopoli held in October, I was approached by another group of friends who were presenting the same cosplay.

Unfortunately in that occasion it wasn't possible to assemble the full group, we were without two warriors from the outer solar system, Pluto and Saturn.
But if we consider that the latter was at home sick (so perfectly in character! ^^) And that Pluto is no longer even considered a true planet, but was downgraded to a dwarf planet, then we were properly together! ;P
Instead we had the Moon Knight , but he was repeatedly called "the strange Taliban" ...

Uhm ... now that I think of it, we also lacked Chibiusa ... but no one was really missing her! ^^
Joking aside, it was a nice and colorful bunch!

The Costume

For the occasion, I arranged some special tailoring, some small detail. I've also taken the opportunity to wear blue contact lenses that I was not able to show off in the previous group.


It was great fun taking pictures all together, especially because we did them in the open air in the inner garden of Fumettopoli. Truly exhilarating experience that I hope will also lead to future collaborations!



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