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Time Spent

Worn at

private photo shoot
September 2009

The costume is ...

... sold!

Miwako Sakurada da Paradise Kiss

in italiano

Why Miwako ?

The idea of creating this version of Miwako was born during the search of the dress to be worn in tandem with Cosetta for Beach Cosplay Party 2007.
Leafing through the manga or watching anime episodes I found a lot of special clothes that intrigued me, hoping to be able to realize them sooner or later.

This complete struck me because it seems a 60s style dress, a la "Grease".
I made it in his spare time and then stayed to wait for an occasion to be worn.

It made a small appearance in June 2008, during the festival of ideas, but I've changed almost immediately because it was too hot.
This September, taking advantage of a particularly sunny Sunday morning, I fished it out of the closet and I made this simple photoshoot.

The Costume

The dress consists of a shirt and a skirt.

The shirt has a wide neckline with a double band by the shoulders and sleeves with tight cuffs.
The skirt is in white taffettas with the waist very high enriched by a belt with a golden buckle.
The bottom is decorated with a series of vinyl flowers.
A pair of short socks with lace and a pair of pointy shoes complete the costume.

The Props

I prepared the wig with a side tail held by a rubber band with two white furry pom-poms. Accessories for the hair and gaudy earrings, "booty" of my trip to Japan, enrich the collection.

Even the bag is a gadget from the series "Gokijio Monogatari", even if the anime was Mikako's, I thought it might Miwako having "inherited" from her elder sister! ^^


Now they are more and more clothes that I realize for the sake of trying to test, because I am struck by their originality or affection for a particular series.

But then I have not the time to wear them, because even if I happen to attend a cosplay event I always try to do it in group ... so my clothes pile up! ^^

This cosplay had to wait more than a year to achieve its first minute space photo! ^^
But in the end, it's done!



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