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Time Spent

Worn at

Castello di Fumetti
April 2010

The costume is ...

... ready to be worn again!


Hill Prince from Candy

in italiano

Why the Hill Prince?

During the photoshoot of the two witches from Sugar Sugar Rune, Usagi and I had a chat about our cosplay plans.
That's how I discovered that Usagi wanted to become the very idol of all girls born from the 70s onwards: Candy.

When she told me she wanted to wear the red striped dress with of the Pony's House, I could not stop myself from saying , "If you wear that dress, I HAVE to play the Prince of the Hill for you !".
This proposal came from me more like a joke, but instead it went "live" within three weeks scarce.

In fact we had decided to take another couple of costumes at the "Castello di fumetti" fair, but since the event advertised a prestigious park with a medieval castlenearby, we thought the place would be a perfect location for beautiful photos, and we swapped the previous plan with Candy and Prince.

The Costume

The Prince wears a kilt, the traditional Scottish costume, and as I had no idea how this could be done, I "googled" looking for some information and I discovered that there are real associations who study this type of tradition.

Several links have allowed me to find tutorials for the construction of kilts and many reference images similar to the ones drawn by Yumiko Igarashi, the Candy's "Mother" .
Unfortunately, I tried but couldn't find any suggestions for the sewing of the red sash worn by the Prince so I choose to use my creativity.

In my favorite shop of fabric, where all my requests are taken with very much indulgence, I drove through dozens of Scottish kinds of wool in search of patterns by color as close as possible to the reference images: green and blue for the skirt, red and black for the sash and green and yellow for the bagpipes.
I would have liked to create the jacket with velvet but I could not find the color I was looking for, so I had to choose a lighter fabric, that kept the effect I wanted.

The kilt, made following the guidelines though much simplified, is a portfolio skirt with pleated back, to streamline further the job I put the closing with a simple Velcro, finally putting on a beauty pin.
principe19 The jacket is slightly worn down, closed in front, mandarin collar and turned cuffs, with a triple twisted cord I made the motif that runs along the edge of the jacket and sleeves, and is repeated on the buttons too.
I cut the cord to length, I folded in on itself and then secured by hand over the jacket: it took me forever! ^^;
To finish it all a series of gold buttons and the sash, draped on the jacket over a long red Scottish strip, mounted on both shoulders with a big green medallion.

With the same fabric as the jacket I've also made the beret, finished over the edge with the same plaid of the "mantle" and enriched with two white feathers and a small gilt button, to mate those used on the jacket.
Finally a pair of (ugly) green men socks, with a lozenges pattern, and patent leather shoes.


When Usagi and I have decided to make this pair, we agreed that the prince was bound to have his bagpipes, the absolute symbol of character!

principe20 First I checked the music stores to see if they had bagpipes for hire, but unfortunately none had the instrument after a quick search on ebay I realized that to buy one, as used, was an economic drain, so I was persuaded to create one with my hands.

With reference links and pictures I established the main aspects of the instrument, namely a soft bag and a set of "pipes" that could be reproduced using flutes suitably modified.
principe21 To make the bag I took a paper bag, filled it with crumpled newspaper and seal with tape until I gave the desired shape and then I covered with the green and yellow plaid.
I then bought 4 plastic flutes, I removed the nozzle and other unnecessary parts, covered with masking tape around the top perimeter and central parts and then I sprayed them black.
principe22 With some recovery stuff I made the basics, I colored them in black with the spray and I fit them in the flutes then in the bag.
With the same twisted cord of the jacket I created two tassels which I then linked to the same rope, I knotted at the top of the flutes; by sewing together some green and gold satin ribbon then I made the final decoration of the bagpipes.

During the making I was very pleased with the outcome because, even in its simplicity, it resulted very similar to my reference illustrations; during the fair a couple of people have approached me asking if it was a real instrument, thus confirming my impressions. ^^

Another accessory of this cosplay is the bag on the front of the kilt.
With the synthetic white hair I held my purse with a snap closure, the other with black hair, made from an old collar, I covered three black tassels that I finished with a gold cam and then applied them the bag.
With a strip of leather I tied all at the waist.

In conclusion

Unfortunately all the work and all the efforts made to prepare these cosplay (not only mine, but by Usagi too who also built a mascot Klin and the Andrews family's charm) have been literally wasted for a fair that has not kept absolutely nothing of what it was promising.

Instead of the garden and the castle we found a "festival of fried dumpling" staged in a field reduced to mud by rain the day before, few stands operated by vendors even more stricken of the visitors and great disappointment on the faces of everyone present.

Making best of a bad game (we were there, might as well fit) we attended in the parade, making a small interpretation.
We prepared a skit for nostalgic, grabbed from VHS (what a terrible sound !!>____<) the dialogue of the fourth episode, the one with the legendary phrase "You're prettier when you laugh than when you cry", the first and only encounter between the little orphan and her prince, who made the heads turning to all the girls of my generation! ^^

Although the young target that animated the show us looked a bit puzzled, the "over 25" section of the public remembered and pampered.

We were often joined by people who said "Are you Candy! and are you Antony !? " and they were immediately silenced by their friend with a "Nah, not Antony, he is Albert!" and so on to recall the favorite character, that for most girls is really Terence! ^^;



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