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Time Spent

Worn at

Mang'Azur april 2006
Toulon France

The costume is ...

... available for sale !

Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura

in italiano

Why Sakura ?

The costumes for the manga created by CLAMP Card Captor Sakura, and consequently all those created for the anime, are an incredible source of inspiration for me.
As a cosplayer as I have already tried years ago (alas to little avail) to make a Sakura cosplay, focusing especially on the original head, but then being not at ease putting it on.

This time I tried a quick dress with fabrics from the color I had ready, since I had about a week to realize it!
The choice has fallen almost by chance on this kitten dress, motivated not only by my love for cats, but also a kind of theme of our "trip" to France.

Momochan, in fact, that would have travelled with me, would lead to the parade Cat Shadow Lady; and for Sunday we had made a pair of lolita kittens... So here is Sakura cat version ! ^^

The Costume

Sakura's costume consists of many different layers.
To begin with, a black Lycra T-shirt, very simple, long sleeves and high neck; One only detail: a bit of lace on the edge of the slightly flared sleeves.
The skirt wheel, always black, is made of taffeta and below it a second white skirt with laced edge and trimmed with many ledges to inflate the bottom.

The apron is very simple, with the straps embellished with a very wavy edge, the waist tread with a big bow with tails behind, wheel skirt.
The overshoes are made from the same fabric as the apron, with black cloth sturdy soles to prevent them from ruining too much.

The props

Among the accessories, of course, the cat ears! ^^ They are made of black synthetic hair, while the interior is the same fuchsia fabric of the smock.
They are fixed hand made to a hair band.
If there are ears, there necessarily have to be even the tail, made in synthetic hair black too with a metal wire inside, attached to the dress with a safety pin.

To finish the costume, a big bell around his neck and two other smaller bells on the bottom tails of the bow seat back.

Obviously the scepter is a must, this time from the first series.


Had long I've been waiting for the opportunity to fill the shoes of the little "catch cards."
I've never been convinced about the first cosplay of hers that I realized, the sheep version, so I was seeking an opportunity for revenge. ^__^;

This time I am much more satisfied with the result, the costume is kawaii, successful, and it is also good!
I was very amused fulfilling the kitten poses in the photos and despite not having actually 8 years as the young protagonist, I felt much more in character! ^__^

Thanks to Ivan and Momochan for the photos



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