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Time Spent

Worn at

private photo session october 2009

The costume is ...

... ready to be used again !

Vanilla Aisu from Sugar Sugar Rune

in italiano

Why Vanilla ?

The idea to create a school uniform of the young main character from Sugar Sugar Rune was born in the same instant that I saw her during an episode of the television series.
What they say love at first sight! ^^

It's definitely far from the more classical sailors uniforms, current and practical with its soft sweater, a pleated skirt and long-colored tie.
A truly innovative design. I was immediately conquered !

When Usagi asked me to pair her with for the witches cosplay, I immediately suggested to be the same pair for the school uniform !

The Costume

The hardest part of this cosplay was looking for a sagging and soft fabric to make the sweater.

After countless searches I ran into the PERFECT viscose jersey for its consistency but especially for its color.

Realizing the sweater then was very simple and fast, it has no neck, with wide sleeves and narrow cuffs.
The skirt is made of fleece cotton, of a beautiful chocolate-brown.

The collar I made with the same fabric as the skirt, decorated with a bias of white cotton.
The tie is made of cotton.

The Vanilla School uniform is characterized by descending gal socks, purchased several years ago in Japan and kept as a relic! ;P


vanilla15 Having already made a version of Vanilla, I had already created her magical medallion.

vanilla16 But I preferred to make it again since its first version I had created was three-dimensional, while looking carefully at the pictures and the manga I realized that it would have to be flat.

vanilla17 Always with a sheet of colored acetate I made the half diamond that I then fixed on a cardboard base covered with shiny gold paper.

vanilla18 With a golden satin ribbon I outlined all the edges and with some golden trimmings recovered from an old hair accessory, I decorated the central cross.

vanilla19 With a string you can put the pendant around your neck.
The soft toy Blanca is accompanying me this time too, like the magic wand.


I love this school uniform! ^__^
It's colorful, witty, new !
But above all it is incredibly comfortable!

The photos you see on this page were all taken at the Royal Park of Monza, on a beautiful October afternoon.
The yellow leaves of autumn created a stunning setting for the orange uniforms and the big house behind us could, with a little imagination, be the great home of Rockin' Robin, right? ;)

People who were walking the dog or jogging made looked at us a little puzzled, and someone has even stopped to take pictures.

It was really funny, but above all was a great opportunity to spend a pleasant day with a new friend!



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