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Time Spent

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private photo session
october 2009

The costume is ...

... ready to undergo new tailoring upheavals !


Vanilla Mieux from Sugar Sugar Rune

in italiano

Why Vanilla ?

After the 2008 Cosplay Evolution of Mantova Comics & Games, I found myself chatting under the stage in company of Usagi and her friends.

Speaking of this and that we obviously ended confiding our plans for the future cosplay.

At that time I was following the animated series "Sugar Sugar" and I wanted to achieve at all costs, at least one of the beautiful costumes of the protagonists.

Usagi immediately proposed herself for the role of Chocolat in my company, as he had planned to realize her witch dress.

Although other cosplays have caused this couple to be shifted a little longer than expected, in the end we managed to complete this project! ^^

The Costume

Both me and Usagi much preferred the witch dress from the manga than the cartoon, a little too carnivalesque for our tastes.

Unfortunately it was not easy to find reference images for Vanilla, since her witch outfit changes very often during the course of the manga.

Finally since I hadn't clear guidelines to follow, I used my creativity and I sewed a dress which could also be used in everyday life.

The dress is made of shantung with a V-neck and sleeveless, at the bottom two curly ledges, at the waist a brown leather belt.

The mantle is in taffettas lined with Lilac Rayon; the neck is stiff, closed by a golden string that ends with little tassels.

The hat is realized, as the mantle, in taffettas and rayon; at its base I added a strap with a buckle for "couple" it with Chocolat's hat.

The shoes have been modified: I added two "tubes" of rouched velvet in imitation of the soft suede boots that are fashionable in this period; another band with buckle like my shoes to match those of Chocolat.

The Props

Every respectable witch has his magic wand and Chocolat and Vanilla are no exception. vanilla15 Having decided to copy the style of the manga in regards of the dress, we had to do the same thing for chopsticks.

Compared to those produced for the cartoon, and then for toys, chopsticks in the manga are much thinner and the stones embedded in the stick have a specific meaning and are described with care in the course of history.

vanilla16Vanilla's wand has at its top a milky quartz that I reproduced using the pendant worn for Vanilla Maid cosplay.

I cut one of the tips and I stuck on top of a curtain rod, previously cut to size.

vanilla17 With several turns of masking tape and paper, I created the enlargement at each end of the stick, then I covered with some ceramic paste (the same used to make the armor of Mulan), already colored in yellow.

Once the paste is dried I passed abrasive paper to remove the more obvious flaws, and since the color produced was a little too paley, I used on it a yellow spray can.

vanilla18 At this point I picked up the manga and I continued to read the baton description: "Just below the quartz, these pearls of foam bubbles with pale-blue teardrop-shaped celestines."

I purchased the pearls of various sizes and colors and using them with intervals, a larger one pinkish and a smaller white, I created a small chain, I then hooked to pink pearls a series of small prisms in transparent glass.

vanilla19 Along the stick I glued three button rhinestones of three different shades of red to imitate the Rodon, while a small chain of pearls decorates the bottom and the handle.

Finally I dusted with golden glitter the quartz on top, to make it look more "magic".

I'm really pleased with the final result, although for me it was really a grind!
It took more days to realize the wand than the entire dress! ^^;


I have a great time to interpret this couple of witches, because this was a great cosplay excuse to get to know a nice and cute girl as Usagi! ^__^

This couple had been organized for a Fumettopoli event, but because of the curse that follows me when I try to organize groups in this fair, we stood to take pictures in Usagi backyard, shivering with cold!

Despite everything I consider it a small success! The costumes are colorful and well-detailed and the autumn background makes it even more magical! ;)



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