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Leafing through one of my Gothic & Lolita Japanese magazines I came across a dress with a square texture.

I knew I had the same tissue in the house so I decided to try to make this dress, really delicious.

The Dress

The dress is a sleeveless shirt, with a square neckline, a tight bodice and a flouncy skirt made up of four overlapping flounces.

The front of the bodice and neckline are decorated with a lace motif embellished with a black satin ribbon.
A removable strap tightens its waist.

On my head there's a combined hairdress, made with the same fabric but enriched by a blend of white satin ribbon and lace.


This simple-looking dress has conquered the heart of a friend who, when I showed her, immediately wanted to buy it!

I quickly took these pictures in a nearby field to have a memory of my little creation! ;)



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Time Spent

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private photo session
august 2007

The Dress...

... has been sold !